NURS 6002: Foundations for Graduate Study

NURS 6002: Foundations for Graduate Study

Discussion – Week 1

It is part of Walden University’s mission and vision to provide an educational experience that empowers students to devise immediate solutions for critical societal issues that impact the greater good (Walden University, 2020). The MSN Program at Walden is designed to equip students with the skills to offer cost-effective specialized nursing practice that advances the profession and instigates social change. This includes the implementation of specialist nurse roles that enhance health outcomes and create opportunities for nurses to serve as educators and consultants (Walden University) NURS 6002: Foundations for Graduate Study.

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In my experience as a nurse leader in an agriculturally centered region, I frequently encountered a lack of resources to address issues such as postpartum depression, substance addiction during pregnancy, and perinatal mental health challenges. According to Petralia et al. (2019), postpartum depression affects approximately 20% of women, particularly those with risk factors such as obstetrical complications and psychosocial issues. The authors also note that it often goes underdiagnosed. Substance abuse during pregnancy is a significant public health concern (Staudt, 2018). Staudt’s research demonstrates that improved drug treatment programs lead to reduced illicit drug use and better outcomes for families. My aim is to align with Walden’s MSN Program learning outcomes by establishing a role, program, or resource initiative for this underserved population NURS 6002: Foundations for Graduate Study.

Understanding Communication in Persons with Dementia PICOT

Throughout my diverse practice settings, I have observed the prevalence of mental health issues across the healthcare spectrum. Even during the joyous occasion of childbirth, the uncertainty of being in a hospital can induce anxiety and create healthcare barriers. Advanced practice psychiatric nursing can offer support and counseling to families during difficult times such as the loss of an infant or unexpected fetal complications. During these challenging moments, my professional and academic aspiration is to provide cost-effective, high-quality care that contributes to societal change, in line with Walden University’s vision, mission, and learning outcomes NURS 6002: Foundations for Graduate Study.


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11, 2020 from

Response Post

I appreciated your post! Furthermore, I’m genuinely impressed by your goal to study in the PMHNP program. Even though I live in an urban area, there is a shortage of PMHNP services, and I aspire to enter this field to assist low-income populations and minorities struggling with mental health issues. California, being a state with diverse educational, income-based, and cultural characteristics, exhibits notable health and wealth disparities among its population. The underserved population, in particular, bears the financial burden of healthcare coverage, which is primarily covered by Medicaid. Many low-income individuals lack job benefits and face challenges in bridging the gap from Medicaid to private insurance. As a result, the availability of affordable healthcare services to underserved or economically disadvantaged individuals in these areas is questionable (Drake and Lowenstein, 1998).

The demand for mental health care services has been on the rise due to various factors, including the influence of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA of 2010), increased awareness of mental health to prevent suicides, longer life expectancy among baby boomers, and the need for PTSD treatment for returning soldiers (Cas-Alinas, 2020).

As you mentioned, Walden offers opportunities for students to explore the keys to success in career advancement, along with changes in the healthcare industry, and I plan to apply this learning process to achieve my future nursing career goals (Walden University, 2020).


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Drake, M., & Lowenstein, D. (1998). The role of diversity in the healthcare needs of California. The western journal of medicine, 168(5), 348–354.

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