NURS 6051 Module 2, Week 3 Main Discussion Post

NURS 6051 Module 2, Week 3 Main Discussion Post

I believe I possess an intriguing perspective on this week’s topic. A few quarters ago, I conducted my preceptorship at my workplace for one of the required bachelor-level courses. During that time, I encountered some challenges related to data availability and nursing informatics, although I wasn’t familiar with the term back then. Nursing informatics, which involves using data and computer science to enhance or streamline nursing practice (McGonigle, 2017), was at the core of my assignment for the class. However, despite obtaining pre-approval for my preceptorship at my workplace, I encountered significant obstacles in accessing the necessary data to complete my project. Fortunately, my instructor allowed me to continue working on the project in theory, as it wasn’t mandatory to implement it for the class. Nonetheless, it was a frustrating experience. It appears that the Minnesota Department of Human Services (MN DHS) is very protective of its data, which poses challenges for nursing informatics within the organization.

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Now, having worked here for an additional year, I observe this trend persisting, often with nurses excluded from the decision-making process. This exclusion means that projects, procedures, and policies that could benefit from nursing informatics may lack nursing input, which is regrettable. However, I’ve heard that this difficulty might not apply to all of DHS and could be more of a localized attitude.

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In terms of proposing ideas to enhance the use of nursing informatics, Mosier and Englebright suggest in their research that facilities should adhere to three principles: clearly defining who is responsible for a proposed project, ensuring that all relevant professional disciplines are involved in the project, and maintaining a focus on the project’s overall goals throughout its implementation (2019). I believe that my facility could greatly benefit from nursing informatics, and by following these principles, nurses and the valuable data and experience we bring to policy or procedure development will not be overlooked.

Finally, nursing informatics can assist in assessing and evaluating projects to determine if the implemented policies and procedures are achieving the desired impact on patient care (Sipes, 2016). This is especially crucial at my facility, as it has been my personal experience that policies and procedures are often implemented without follow-up to assess their effectiveness compared to pre-existing policies.


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